Shirohama Nursery School, the licensed nursery school in Shirohama Danchi, Higashi ward, Fukuoka Prefecture. The nursery provides daycare services that allows children to acquire social skills and life habits through music.

TEL:092-661-0631 FAX:092-661-0638 8-4 Shirohama Danchi, Higashi ward, Fukuoka Prefecture


We aim at an education style where each one is treated with special care.

At Shirohama Nursery School in Shirohama Danchi, Higashi ward, Fukuoka Prefecture we aim at a nursing style that considers the individual needs of each child.
It is one of few nursery schools in Fukuoka Prefecture Prefecture providing an education that allows children to learn various rhythms and play with each other thanks to the musical education, lets children learn social skills and life habits through daily activities, and facilitates the natural acquisition of English skills by creating an environment that provides opportunities to use English since the age of under one year old.
We value interaction with families, and while providing daily care we also create an environment where children can grow freely. Moreover, because we are open to applications from countries all over the world, children can naturally experience various things, such as cultural differences between countries.

Kinoshita method of music education

Learning with children from all over the world

Ample facilities

Our Education policy

  • Each child is special
  • While playing with friends, children are taught social skills and daily habits
  • Give importance to childcare based on talks with the family


Main schedule

We accept children fromages 0 yrs.

Monday to Saturday/7:00 to 19:00
Holidays/Sunday and National Holidays

*Please contact us for details.



8-4 Shirohama Danchi, Higashi ward, Fukuoka Prefecture
Zip Code 813-0045



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