Shirohama Nursery School, the licensed nursery school in Shirohama Danchi, Higashi ward, Fukuoka Prefecture. The nursery provides daycare services that allows children to acquire social skills and life habits through music.

TEL:092-661-0631 FAX:092-661-0638 8-4 Shirohama Danchi, Higashi ward, Fukuoka Prefecture


About us  Shirohama Nursery School

All classrooms are equipped with floor heating so that even in winter children can play barefoot. By setting plasma cluster ion generators and air conditioners, we give top priority to children's health, creating an environment where they can actively play and learn. Also, because we accept children of various nationalities, while learning together they can have a lot of valuable experiences, such as feeling cultural differences between countries.

Ages for nursery care

Under 1 to 5 years old

Class composition

Age Under 1 year old One year old 2 years old 3 years old 4 years old 5 years old
Class name Sea












Class capacity 35 people 40 people 40 people 45 people 45 people 45 people

Nursery school time

Nursery school opening hours 7:00~19:00

  Day Usual opening hours Paid extended child care
Standard time
(11 hours)
Monday~Saturday 7:00~18:00 18:00~19:00
Short time childcare
(8 hours)
Monday~Saturday 8:30~16:30 7:00~8:30

Child care outline

Name Social Welfare Corporation Mitsuru Kai Shirohama Nurseryschool
Address 8-4 Shirohama Danchi, Higashi ward, Fukuoka Prefecture
Zip Code 813-0045
TEL 092-661-0631
FAX 092-661-0638
Director Norihide Masumoto
Established in March 1, 1973
Holidays Sundays, national holidays, New Year's holidays (December 29 to January 3)
Capacity 250 children
Facilities Floor heating (all rooms), air conditioners, plasma cluster ion generators

View of the nursery school

Nursery School Nursery School Classroom Nursery School
Wash field WC WC Lunch room



  • Access by bus
    Nishitetsu bus, about a 2-minute walk from the Shirohama Danchi bus stop
  • Access by train
    15- minute walk from Nishitetsu Najima Station
  • Access by car
    About 5 minutes from Fukuoka Expressway Kashiihama Exit
    About 3 minutes from Fukuoka Expressway Najima Exit

Privacy Policy

At our nursery school, we are aware of the importance of protection of personal information and along with setting policy in this sense all of our staff works together to accomplish the sufficient protection of private information. Regarding education, training and inspection, we set and implement the following rules consisting of basic principles, management methods and effective ways of collecting and using personal information.

Basic rules regarding collection, use and providing personal information.

  1. When directly collecting personal information, we do so with legal and fair means after having obtained the consent of the owner of the information.
  2. Regarding the collection of information, we clarify the purpose of use we do so only within the range necessary for that purpose.
  3. Delicate information that is likely to infringe upon personal interests is not collected unless the explit consent is obtained from the owner of the information or there is a legal reason.
  4. When we are entrusted by a third party or entrust a third party with operation that concerns handling personal information, keeping confidentiality regarding personal information, matters regarding re-entrustment, sharing responsibility in case of accidents and returning or deleting personal information at the end of the contract are done accordingly.
  5. The personal information is used and provided within the range set by the agreement with the owner of the information.

About management of personal information

  1. The personal information collected directly by us or obtained when entrusted by a third party is kept in appropriate conditions and measures are taken in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage.
  2. When entrusted by a third party with operation that involves handling of personal information, we makes sure that the third party has collected the information with consent of the owner of the information, through legal and fair means.

Laws, ordinances and other rules

Our nursery school complies with Japanese laws, ordinances and other rules for protection of personal information and works for the continuous improvement of our policy.

Inquiries from the personal information owner

We do our best to respond promptly and in a proper range to inquiries regarding handling personal information from the owner. We welcome you to inquire via e-mail or phone whenever there are questions regarding the contents of this page or issues that you want to check regarding your own personal information.

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